When the Wind Cuts Cold - west Virginia / by sam taylor

when the wind cuts cold - west virginia

Good Friday Morning, everyone!

The spring-is-springing, and none to soon for this guy. It has been a long, dark, dreary winter for me - much more “indoor” activity than I tend to like, and less “outdoor” activity than I would have hoped, even with the workload. It seemed like we had a winter of cold and rain here, even more than usual.

That said, this will mark the tailing off - for the season at least - of the industrial-grit series that I have been working on this winter, with a pivot to the beauty of spring and the excitement of several things that we have in the works this year.

This winter project has been good for me, as an artist, but has also left me a bit disillusioned with the state of visual art and how it is received and distributed these days. I start to find that the “popular” work all looks the same, and the “interesting” work gets buried. All the same, I feel more inspired to work than I have in a long time, and I’m excited about that.

I captured this image a few months back, and remember it because the sunset (as was the day preceding it) was gorgeous, and I saw many other instagrammed images of this sunset from around the region, and decided not to share mine at the time because I knew it would get lost - we were all looking at the same sunset, but mine wasn’t the same.

I hope folks have a great weekend, and I’m ready for the semester end. One more week.

When The Wind Cuts Cold - West Virginia