Gallery PIece Construction

We have received a lot of questions and inquiries about our metallic/acrylic or "plexi" pieces. 

Up front, we have made a commitment to our patrons that all acrylic/plexi pieces are limited runs of no more than five (5) of any particular image.  If you purchase a plexi piece from me, you can be assured that you will have an uncommon piece that you can be proud of for a long time to come.  Further, if you purchase a commissioned piece or framed image (i.e., you come to us with a specific request or to support a specific project we are working on), we will give you the option of making your piece a completely unique piece of fine art - I will work with dedicated patrons of our work to produce unique pieces that will never be offered to anyone else at any time - a 1-of-1 piece.

These pieces have been a customer favorite, and present a modern and sleek style, and are great fits for "split" images, where we can take a single image and print on multiple pieces, which allow for creative layouts and more flexibility in presenting the pieces, and they appear to "float" on the wall. 

These pieces are "full bleed" (image to the very edge), and mounted on on a museum/gallery mount style for hanging.  See below for more information.

The image we are featuring is "So Many Flowers", a First Place Winner at the 2014 Mountain Color Art Show.  The piece is 18x32".

These pieces present a high-gloss finish, and seems to have a "depth" of the image that makes it feel like you could reach into the image. 

The pieces are mounted on a gallery style hanger on the back, which can be mounted or hung on a regular nail or screw like regular framed photo.  . 

Below is detail of the gallery block.