Falls of Pendleton - West Virginia / by sam taylor

Falls of Pendleton - West Virginia

Good Friday Morning!

Sorry I was away for a bit there - I promise I’ve got a good excuse. I managed to get some time away, some time with Carmen, before the big end of the school year. This year so far has been a beast - a real monster - but I’m here, and if you are reading this, it is done for me - time to start the summer. I have quite a few images I’m looking forward to sharing with you lovely people, and some fun stories to tell.

It’s been a few years, but the Pendleton Run “hike” is an old favorite of mine, going back to days when I decided that “rim to rim” was the way to explore Blackwater - going in on Shay Run, and out up Pendleton. (That story is only good for bragging rights, it was definitely not worth it to do it that way)

Most folks only ever see this cascade from an overlook on the other side of the canyon, but after Carmen told me that there was, somehow, a hike she hadn’t done in Blackwater, it was ON. (as an aside - one of the first ever “real” dates that Carmen and I went on was a hike from the lodge to the river in the Shay Run drainage, some 5-plus-years ago - so it was pure symmetry to me that we do this one)

According the USGS, this may actually be the tallest “waterfall” in West Virginia - the difference being it’s a cascade, versus a single drop (like Hills Creek, or the namesake Blackwater Falls) - 150’ is what they say she goes at.

Excited to be back, and excited to be telling stories again. Hope y’all have a good weekend.

Falls of Pendleton - West Virginia