2018 Top 9 / by sam taylor


Good Friday Morning!

Today’s post will likely represent our closing number for 2018 (although I reserve the right to sit down with y’all if the urge strikes). It’s been an impactful year in many ways, but it has led to feeling a bit “stretched in too many directions”. That said, it has been incredible to have another year of talking with everyone and trying to share my vision and feeling about this place with folks.

A favorite Ansel Adams quote of mine is “Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop.”, and while I can sometimes debate “significant”, I am satisfied with the images selected and represented here, as I feel like they represent the essentials of what I am trying to do with this work:

Present truthful images that represent my experiences in this wonderful, frustrating, and endlessly interesting place. Every one of these images is “as it was”, and I’m proud of that.

Look forward to talking with y’all in 2019, and hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season filled with joy, wonder, and love.

With gratitude,