West Virginia Flooding 2016 - Print Sale Benefiting Nicholas County / by sam taylor

Hi Folks - as you have probably heard on the news recently, Central West Virginia was devastated by flooding last week, in many cases setting all-time historic records for water levels. 

The town I grew up in is one of those towns that was hit heavily by the floods - Richwood, West Virginia - and there were many other areas with heavy damage in Nicholas County, including Fenwick, Birch River and Belva. 


We went down to help hand out supplies and participate in the cleanup last weekend, as will probably be the case for weekends to come.  It was a pretty tough thing to see - the little neighborhood my brother lives in is the same neighborhood my grandmother lived in - and they were hard hit.  As we went door-to-door handing out water and cleaning supplies, I knew just about everyone, and had played in their yards or had dinner in their houses as a boy growing up. 

As a result of all of this, and in a bid to do our little part

ALL PROFITS from any in-stock item sold from now through July 2016 will be donated to the Nicholas County Community Foundation

to provide funds for flood recovery in Nicholas County. 


I'm not explicitly including any big, custom piece or custom framed print orders in this special, simply because I'm not sure I will have time to fulfill large piece orders in the next month or so - if you wish to have a piece made to support this cause, please contact me directly, so we can discuss in more detail.  I'll be working to update the website with any other "in-stock" items we have. 

You can find more information about the NCCF at their website and Facebook page



Thanks to all of you for your support.  Hope to see you on the front lines.