Daytripper Magazine - Lindy Point Feature! / by sam taylor

As we have been hinting at, we have been busy!  We are proud to have a feature story on our recent adventure to Lindy Point included in the March issue of Daytripper magazine! We are excited to be working with folks that see our region like we do, and have a focus on local attractions, local economies, and the general goodness of "the two Virginias".  Cruise by their page (link below), and give them a "like", and let them know we sent you!

As for today's image, as you all well know, we like to tell our stories about our adventures, and there is a full write-up plus a set of photos that give the who, the how, the where, and the why of that mid-winter adventure in the March issue.  Today's image is part of that feature, and a great example of the dark skies that are perfect for stargazing, astronomy, or astrophotography in and around the Blackwater Falls/Canaan Valley region of West Virginia.  This photo was from the tail end of a perfect day, and culminated with my lying down in the snow, staring up at the trees, and deciding this was the "capstone" image for this trip. 

So, as usual - thanks for all of your support, and word of mouth promotion - your support and interest are really what have made this show run.