Friday Night at the Campground - West Virginia / by sam taylor


Good Tuesday Morning!

It has been a rough summer for stargazing around here. It’s rained, or been cloudy, or, the few cloudless nights I’ve been out, been a full (or near full) moon. So, I was super excited to get a clear weekend, with good weather (when was the last time that happened?!?) and be able to take the youngster on her first camping trip of the summer (and her first in a more than a year!).

It wasn’t without a few wrinkles. A sleeping bag may have been forgotten, and it may have been cold for June (I could see my breath), but the fire was joyful, and the stars were perfect.

I do wish this one fellow would have doused his lantern when he went to bed, but the outdoors is everyone’s and if that made him and his crew sleep a little better, then I’m OK with it. I just used it to illuminate our spot a little more.

Hope folks have a great rest of the week,

Friday Night at the Campground - West Virginia