Bridge To Nowhere (and can't wait to get there) - Maryland / by sam taylor

Bridge To Nowhere - Maryland

Good Tuesday Morning!

I've made a lot of jokes about "nature therapy" in here, and have always said that hiking and biking and climbing and camping were the solutions to most of my problems. 

Depressed?  Go to the woods.

Stressed?  Go to the woods. 

Insomnia?  Go to the woods.

It has always been a place to recenter myself, and find what I'm happy about.  Enough so that I keep pondering whether a day-job change is in my future...  but more on that later.

This last weekend, we went to the woods, did some work, hung out on the farm.

My blood pressure was down 15 points between Friday and Monday.

That was pretty eye-opening for me.  Maybe taking the bridge to nowhere was the right choice.  A trail that starts in the middle of nowhere and ends in the middle of nowhere.  So the name seems to make sense to me.

Bridge to Nowhere - Maryland