Lush - West Virginia / by sam taylor


Good Friday Morning!

There is just something about the hidden corners, nooks, and crannies of West Virginia.

I grew up in Richwood, WV (or, better said, near Richwood). I have been up and down the road between Richwood and Marlinton more times than I can even start to count.

Strange then to be rolling along and see water somewhere that I’ve never noticed it before!

We found a spot to turn around and snuck back down, found a wide spot, and then hiked up into the woods, using the culvert as a marker point - and found one of the prettiest, lushest, greenest little streams I’ve seen.

To know a place like the back of your hand and find new, beautiful surprises. That’s what this place is about.

Hope folks have a great weekend, I have a couple mini-projects in work that I hope to start sharing with y’all starting next week!

Lush - West Virginia