Cascade - Maryland / by sam taylor


Good Tuesday Morning!

It’s felt a lot more like early Spring than “almost Summer” the last stretch, but the cool temps and the rainy weather has made the woods green, lush, and gorgeous.

Waterfalls are a big feature in this part of the Appalachias - we have all the ingredients. Water, steep terrain, rocks, and time. Waterfalls were my “gateway” into real, serious photography, where I worked to understand the equipment and polish my technique.

It’s a little bit of a shame, then, that the “waterfall market” is oversaturated, because I do love shooting them. What do I mean about oversatured? Well, there are so many people taking so many photos of waterfalls that several of the galleries and shows I’ve been involved with actively have discouraged the submission of waterfall images.

I also get a little frustrated at folks who ask basic questions about how to photograph these - the “internetting” of knowledge has made it so that people just ask bluntly “what were your settings, how did you do that”, versus doing a bit of homework on their own and figuring it out.

Oh well, better to lead than follow.

And as long as I find them fascinating, and the hikes to them are quiet, I’ll keep making images of waterfalls. ;)

Cascade - Maryland