The Dividing Line - West Virginia / by sam taylor


Good Friday Afternoon!

Ever since Dolly Sods became the “it” place for DC-ites to travel to - likely because Shenandoah was too full - it has fallen off of our list of places to travel. I head to the woods to get away from people, and driving FR75 on a summer weekend is a total dice-roll as to whether you can find a place to park, let alone a place to camp.

That said, it is undeniably beautiful, and when Carmen and I had a random early-season day to travel there with a bad weather forecast (did you know that storms drive away crowds?), we decided it was time to visit an old, but recently very popular, friend.

After making some jokes about the rattlesnake spa that probably exists below this overlook, we noted the rain bands and storm clouds gathering in the distance. Water is such a part of West Virginia that I always think about how rain on one side of the ridge is headed to the Chesapeake Bay, and rain on the other is headed to New Orleans. The dividing line.

With a big thunderclap, Carmen roosted me from my reveries, and we retreated to the Jeep.

Until next time, old friend.