Beauty Run - West Virginia / by sam taylor

Beauty Run - West Virginia

Good Friday Morning!

Between the green and the rain, it seems that Summer is upon us here in the Mountain State. I sure am glad of that too. It’s going to be one heck of a summer - family stuff, travel, work on the farm, work at work ;), and then culminates with my daughter starting high school.

All of that put together has meant that my “going out to shoot” time has been a bit curtailed, and that I have to make the most of that time when I get it. That’s actually been kind of a nice thing for me, in that it means I have to work harder to find beauty in unexpected places, or to try and find new perspectives on old things.

Today’s image is a bit of all of those - a chance to re-visit an old place, and find something unexpected when I do.

To my knowledge, this little ephemeral stream doesn’t have a name. I call it Beauty Run.

Beauty Run - West Virginia