It's Been Quiet the Last Few Sundays - West Virginia / by sam taylor

It's Been Quiet the Last Few Sundays - West Virginia

Good Tuesday Morning -

Traveling the backroads as much as we do, we have seen so many scenic, beautiful, and old churches around West Virginia. In many places, I think the church was built on land that might not be good for pasture or farming, or was donated by someone - long, long ago - and that is what leads to their position on the top of hills or at the corner of a field.

Many of these churches are far out in the country - not many houses around - and look like they haven’t seen a congregation in a long time. Many don’t have power run to them, and often - like this one - there isn’t even the “two tracks through the grass” for where to park a car. The paint may be faded.

But normally, the grass is cut, and looks like it gets cut all season. I always wonder about that. Who is out there, mowing this lot, trimming the grass, tending to flowers? Because all the other signs say it’s been quiet there for a while, a least the last few Sundays.

It does make me happy that there are “someones” out there, still tending to these places, keeping them ready for the next meeting or revival or wedding.  There are few things easier and more expensive to lose than your history and your sense of community.

Hope folks have a good week.

It’s Been Quiet the Last Few Sundays - West Virginia