Travel is Fatal to Prejudice (and that's why it shouldn't be easy) - Arizona / by sam taylor

Travel is Fatal to Prejudice - Arizona

Good Friday Morning!

Whenever we go on travel, such as our recent trip to Arizona, we joke that we come home more tired than when we left, but also rejuvenated in mind and spirit by meeting new people, seeing new places, and coming to understand those people and places a little better - which often helps us better understand our home a little better. I think that is what Mark Twain was getting at with his famous “Travel Is Fatal To Prejudice” quote (full quote here, just for reference).

The thing is, by definition, that means travel shouldn’t be “Easy”. Travel is NOT a vacation. Travel is not driving a long way away and then going to restaurants that you have at home. If you are going to the same resort, eating at the same chain restaurant that’s in your town, and only talking to the people you brought with you, you are on a vacation. You aren’t traveling.

It’s a joke, almost, in West Virginia - we mention that we are travel writers, travel photographers, and someone will say “I love traveling! We go to Myrtle Beach (or the Outer Banks, or Virginia Beach, or Topsail Island) every year!”

And I bet they talk to the same 10 people every time. What do you learn from that? What new insight about that place or this place did you come home with?

So, to my dear reader, I ask that you think about this the next time you are on the road (or maybe even on vacation). Take a chance on the mom-and-pop restaurant, and talk to the folks there. Jump off on the slow road, and if someone is out in their yard, talk to them about what it’s like to live there. Find out what the “big deals” are where they live, and think about how that might be different - and for different reasons - than where you are from.

Today will be the last image (at least for a while) from the Arizona run. Hope y’all enjoyed it.

Travel Is Fatal To Prejudice - Arizona