Simplicity - West Virginia / by sam taylor

Winter Field Trees - West Virginia

Good Friday Morning!

It has been a week - I’m burning the candle at both ends on several projects that are all coming due in the next month or so. That’s been tough on me - I get rejuvenated by being outside, by being in the woods. I need to smell the woods and feel the sun on my face, or I start to feel crazy.

Add in that it’s been a sort-of long winter. A lot of grey, full overcast, rainy days so far - and while that makes it easier to stay inside and grind on things, it also starts to wear me down.

That’s why moments like the image above are so important. It’s so simple, blue skies, snow-covered clean fields, and the wind in my face - it’s enough to get through.

With a little luck, I’ll get a quick recharge over the weekend, get some mud on the boots, and keep pushing. Simple.

Have a great weekend.

Simplicity - West Virginia