Winter Time Reflections (Blackwater River) - West Virginia / by sam taylor

Winter Time Reflections (Blackwater River) - West Virginia

Good Friday Morning!

So I’ll give you wonderful folks a bit of a break from my work, and from the hard winter images that have been dominating my feed lately. It’s funny, I can scroll through my catalog of images, and I can see the progression of the seasons as I do - whites and greys give way to greens, which give way to golds, which give back to whites and greys as the seasons come and go.

It has been a long winter - not super snowy, not super cold - but I promise, I’d take the snow and cold over the relentless rain that we’ve had in the last month or two. The upside for me, such as it is, is that I can really dive in to my work this time of year - the fact that it’s dark, cold, and wet makes it a lot easier to stay at the desk, stay at the computer, stay at the house, and get some things done than it will be in even a few short months - cause I know round about the first of April that I will have a hard time staying focused on my work. :)

I am excited - I’m working on a new photographic project that has driven most of my recent shooting - and I look forward to sharing some of those images with you over the next few weeks.

Hope folks have a great weekend,

Winter Time Reflections (Blackwater River) - West Virginia