Lovely Dark and Deep - West Virginia / by sam taylor

Lovely Dark and Deep - West Virginia

Good Friday Morning!

I’ve done this type of work long enough to understand that the photos I like may not be the photos “the public” likes.

In general, the public likes familiar things - a place they’ve visited, a sunset over a pretty field, puppies. ; - )

While I sometimes like those things too, those things don’t motivate me as an artist - even if those may be the more “commercial” images. From the very beginning, I’ve had a hard time shooting things because “I know they’ll sell” - which is why it was 5 years between what I would consider “post card” shots of Blackwater Falls (see Tuesday’s post below).

A long running (and more personally satisfying) project of mine is trying to capture what the woods “look like” in West Virginia. I’ve taken more images than I can count of light through the forest, trying to capture that dappled sun and green glowing look of our woods. I’ve taken more images than I can count of fall foliage and stands of evergreens and sun through the leafless winter forest.

I’ve never taken one that I would say “yup, that’s it”.

But sometimes I come close.

Today’s image of a snow coated stand of evergreens, and as soon as I saw this, it reminded me of winters past, of watching weather roll in, of thinking to myself “I should get home before it gets dark”.

If art is supposed to make you feel something, today’s image made me feel something.

And to me, that is why I do this.

Hope folks have a wonderful weekend,

Lovely Dark and Deep - West Virgini