Blackwater Falls (Winter 2019) - West Virginia / by sam taylor

Blackwater Falls (Winter 2019) - West Virginia

Good Tuesday Morning!

Well, I finally broke down and did this one. I’ve hiked the main falls many times over the last several years, but I’ve not photographed it since spring of 2014 - almost 5 years ago. While conditions are always part of photography, I found it interesting that there was snow on the ground the last time I captured it as well. That said, it made for a nice “A/B” Comparison of how my technique and style have changed over that time, and I have to say, I’m happier with this version than that one. At least now, if someone asks if I have a photo of Blackwater Falls, I can say “yes”. Haha.

In terms of today’s message, I would say that it speaks to the old adage “if you aren’t growing, you’re dying”. In the rush, in the moment, it’s easy to think “I haven’t changed, the world has changed”, but honestly, if that’s true, it means you probably aren’t living your best life. Life is change - both in yourself and in the world around us. Literally, the only constant is change (though it is nice to be able to visit people and places where that change may be very slow). For me, that growth and progression are a lot of what drives me in my pursuits - the thought that I can be better tomorrow than I was today, or at least strive for it.

Hope folks have a productive week.

Blackwater Falls (Winter 2019) - West Virginia