She - West Virginia / by sam taylor


Once upon a time, I met a girl while playing Jenga. We hit it off, but we weren’t on a date, and we were pretty sure we weren’t dating.

Then, a little while later, she took me out and we danced, and she hiked with me to waterfalls, and she walked with me in summer sun, and we found our way home, and then we were pretty sure we were dating.

Then, we decided that we wanted to “say something” about this place, and we worked together to talk about our adventures, and she went with me to Seneca Rocks, and High Falls of the Cheat, and Blackwater, and we danced, and we won, and we lost, and tried, and we failed, and we won some more.

Then, one day, she asked me to marry her. No way that was going to be normal, because none of the rest of it had been. We went too hard for everyone else, and we wanted different things than everyone else, so why would we do that like everyone else?

So now, we are planning a wedding, and she does things everyday to make me laugh, or to make me calm, or to make me curious. And she is pretty much the only one that can get me to dance.

She is pretty great.

And I’m glad she chose me.

She - West Virginia