Headwaters of Glade Run - West Virginia / by sam taylor

Headwaters of Glade Run - West Virginia

Good Friday Morning!

Sometimes we are on an adventure, and see something so good that the pressure is on trying to capture it - that you REALLY want to make a good image of what you are seeing.

We took off to celebrate Carmen's birthday, and managed to get what has been a rare combo lately - nice weather, on the weekend.  We drew up a loop that took us out and around some "greatest hits" spots near Davis and Thomas, and then by some friends house - way too ambitious for the time we had, but we knew that going in, so at least the pressure off.  As we rolled out, it seemed like the universe was working for us - our friends called us somewhere near Rowlesburg, and we connected with them first - so started the day with some of our favorite people - and then, only had to make a plan that would get us to dinner time.

From there, we decided that we'd aim for the backside of Dolly Sods/tippy-top of Canaan Valley, a patch of ground that has been very good to us in the last few years - full of adventure, and critters, and plants - and after a bit of navigating and jeeping, we were watching a beautiful summer afternoon transition to a beautiful summer sunset. 

We wandered the alder stands, sunk in bogs over our shoes, marveled at how much it felt like the west - aspens at 3,000ft - and then got to watch this - and felt the pressure to "get it right".  Because it was right.  The day was right.  Our people were right.  And we felt right - a lovely, quiet afternoon together out in the wilds. 

Headwaters of Glade Run - West Virginia