Time For A Break (Sunset on the High Plains) - Wyoming / by sam taylor

Time For A Break - Wyoming

Good Friday Morning!

I'm tired, guys.  It's been a great, but very busy and somewhat draining summer, and I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed and underrested today.  I think it may be time for a couple weeks off, a chance to recoup, rest, and get gathered up before the new school year starts (it seems it starts earlier every year!)

When we travel, I can end up taking a few hundred photos a day.  Typically, I try to pick the "best" ones of the most notable things we saw or did, and share those with y'all.  What that means, with our posting schedule, is that sometimes really good images end up on the "cutting room floor", and have to wait for a day like today to post them.

This image from the high plains on our trip to Wyoming last summer - a trip we were just getting ready for this time last year.  This was a campsite on the BLM, somewhere above Cody, Wyoming, and represents a bit of Wyoming at its finest.  Huge open spaces, big skies, and beauty for days. 

Talk to y'all soon.

Time For A Break (Sunset on the High Plains) - Wyoming