Summer Sunset Sheep - West Virginia / by sam taylor

Summer Sunset Sheep

Good Tuesday Afternoon!

Today's image is all fun, but it does speak to why I love where I live.  Last week, we had a break from what has been non-stop rain, and decided we'd go on a "hike" around Morgantown.  Morgantown is a unique town - there are hidden corners, dead end streets, whole neighborhoods that are tucked away, but right in the middle of town.  Today's image highlights a little bit of that - a corner of the University Farm.  

I had family that went to the Agriculture School in the 1940s, and talked about how far it was to walk from the downtown campus to the farm.  In the intervening 60+ years, town grew up around the farm, and today the farm is a welcome break from the sprawl and townhouses and roads.  It was a bit surreal to hike up on these guys while looking back into town, and seeing the apartments on the other side of the valley.

Summer Sheep Sunset - West Virginia