One Year Ago - Wyoming / by sam taylor

One Year Ago - Wyoming

Good Friday Morning,

I've been seeing a lot of flashbacks to the "Great American Eclipse" from a year ago this week, and I'll admit a bit of nostalgia.  That trip was incredible to us, and while we did the eclipse proper - from a partridge farm in Torrington, Wyoming, I wanted to share an image from that trip that didn't make it into our trip log.  This image from the approach to Killpecker Dunes, in the Green River Basin part of Wyoming.  The prominent spire in the center of the image is the "Boar's Tusk", and for perspective, it's 400 feet tall above the plain. 

I suspect it's a matter of time before I end up retreating to the West - the older I get, the less I can manage our winters and wet, cold springs - and when I imagine that change, places like this are what I imagine. 

In the end, time is a slippery, tangled up thing.  It's always humbling to think about where you were a year ago (or five years ago).  Lucky for me, on this date at least, I was in one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. 

Hope folks have a great weekend. 

One Year Ago