Low Clouds - West Virginia / by sam taylor

Low Clouds - West Virginia

Good Afternoon!

Glad to be back after a little break there.  It's taking me a bit longer than usual to get back into the fall swing here, probably a little bit because we didn't get our normal break this year.  It's been a pretty crazy 2018, and 2019 looks to continue.

That all means that it becomes even more important to disconnect and be "in it" when the opportunities arise.  We trekked over to far-eastern West Virginia, and managed to spend a weekend on back roads and campgrounds that we'd never been to - a bit of a feat for us in West Virginia.  While it was tempered a little by non-stop rain (no, seriously, when did West Virginia start having monsoons?), the urge to see new things and new places doesn't seem to get old for us. 

We've had weeks of "low clouds", and I have to tell you, those are a bit of a photographers bane - low, white overcast is literally the worst to try and shoot against.  In this case, we got lucky - the clouds were low enough to touch the ground.  :)

Low Clouds - West Virginia