Simplify - West Virginia / by sam taylor

Love The Ones You're With - West Virginia

Recently, I was talking with Carmen about not feeling very inspired in my photography.  I was feeling pressure to make a good image, feeling pressure to "go somewhere and get something", which has always been the opposite of what we try to do.  The plan has always been "go do, and if something good come up, shoot it". 

So, today's shot is a welcome return to that thinking, a classic "pull the car to the side of the road, and shoot" spot. 

I've spent a lot of effort the last few years trying to apply that mentality - be in the moment, make good decisions, but don't force things.  It's a hard line to walk - I always feel like I need to be "doing" which means that sometimes "being" is hard. 

So, enjoy your weekend, and remember to spend a bit of time "being".  :)

Simplify - West Virginia