Glow Swim - West Virginia / by sam taylor

Glow Swim - West Virginia

Good Tuesday Morning!

One of my favorite things about West Virginia (and rural places I've visited, more generally), is that folks don't let the distances between the houses keep them from having a good time.  The community fairs and festivals, the parades and dinners, are all a big part of the fabric of this place - a tangible manifestation of the "community".

It all makes some sense, in the historic view of it - in a time before the internet, before the telephone, saying that "we going to have a big party every year, 2nd weekend in July" is a great way to get folks together, because in the end we're all in this together.  The community rises and falls on how well we work and play together.

This image from an event that has those same roots - although the glow sticks are a more recent addition.  On a super hot weekend in Morgantown, we escaped to Jennings Randolph Lake and discovered that we just happened to be there for the "glow swim".  Never ones to skip a good festival, we came by, enjoyed the company and music, and took a few photos of the party in the water.

Hope folks have a great week.

Glow Swim - West Virginia