Mountain Laurels In Bloom - West Virginia / by sam taylor

Mountain Laurels In Bloom - West Virginia

This may not be my best technical photograph, but it does what photos are supposed to do - it makes me feel something. 

One evening, while I was down in Florida, I was talking to Carmen and I mentioned that I was kind of sad that I was probably going to miss the mountain laurels blooming this year. 

You see, I became conscious - aware - of how much I enjoyed seeing these in the mountains a few years ago.  I can remember them as a kid - and I didn't really pay any attention to how fleeting they really were, just that they were pretty, and showed up every year.  A beauty of the early summer. 

This year, it looked like I was going to miss them completely.  They were budding out, but not open, in the low country, which is usually a couple of weeks ahead of the mountains - and I was going to be gone for nearly a month.  I was surprised by how sad this made me, realizing that something that happens once a year wasn't going to happen for me. 

Once I came back to West Virginia, I returned to parents home, near Richwood, and got to spend time with my folks, debriefing everything that happened down in Florida.  On Sunday, Carmen and I decided to head home "the back way", up over Scenic Highway.  It was a beautiful, white-puffy-clouds day up there.  And there, on top of the mountain, in a place that I would have described as one of my favorite spots growing up, was a sea of blooming mountain laurel. 

It felt like home had held on just a little longer, just for me. 

When people ask why I love this place, it's things like this. 

Hope folks have a great weekend!

Mountain Laurels In Bloom - West Virginia