Daybreak on the Boardwalk - Florida / by sam taylor

Daybreak on the Boardwalk - Florida

Good Friday Morning!

As I noted the other day, we usually travel by making big loops - see as many things as possible in the time we have out there, usually 3 days max in any one place. This trip was different - I had "Things To Do" while I was in Jacksonville, which meant staying in one place for the two weeks I was there, but that meant that I got to experience the city in a different way than when I usually travel. 

I got to experience the ebb-and-flow of the city - what does traffic look like? Where are folks going on the weekend?  And I got to have a few places that I went regularly and got a feel for the community there (shout out to The Edge Rock Gym for making me feel at home).  Overall, I feel like I "know" the city better than just about anywhere I've visited in the last 10 years. 

The more I think on it, maybe that will be the plan in the future - pick the city "in the heart" of somewhere I want to visit, and spend two weeks getting to know the place, the people, and the scenery - I already can think of a couple places I'd like to try... 

Headed into a holiday week, and getting back to the mountains of West Virginia next week.  Glad to be back. 

Daybreak on the Boardwalk - Florida