Feeling the Earth Move Under Us - West Virginia / by sam taylor


Good Friday Morning!

I love the feeling of movement.  I love to travel.  I love to explore.  I love it in almost all of it's forms - on foot, by bike, or by car.  

I can give you a short list of favorite places and can tell you something good about just about everywhere I've ever visited.  I love visiting new places, and learning something about the people, and how they live, and how things are different there.

And yet, I still come back and think that West Virginia is just about the best place I've ever been.  The natural abundance here is astounding.  There is still room to breathe, room to explore, and room to get away (although that is getting harder and harder these days).

Which mean evenings like the one captured here are pretty much my idea of perfection.  Feeling the world move under us, in my favorite place, with great weather, great light, and an empty road through the forest.

Feeling the Earth Move Under Us - West Virginia