Seeing, With Fresh Eyes - West Virginia / by sam taylor

Seeing, With Fresh Eyes - West Virginia

Good Tuesday Morning!

It's funny how a place can become associated with people over time.  The farm, the bar, the ball field.  Today's post is on that subject, and about turning the corner from sadness to...  something else. 

The Arden section of the Tygart is a beautiful place, and while I'd been there a few times before, it was Carmen and her crew that really made it a special place for me.  We climbed the rocks, hung out on the beaches, and lounged in the sun. 

And then everything happened. 

And all of a sudden, Arden wasn't a place of joy. 

And it was that way for a while. 

But time moved forward, and we talked, and we cried, and we laughed, and we remembered. 

And a few weeks ago, we went back to Arden for the first time in a long time.  We definitely stacked the deck in our favor - a beautiful summery feeling evening, cruising in the old truck, no plans, no schedule.  

And the warmth flowed over us, and we listened to the river run, and for the first time in a long time, we were able to see the beauty of the place.  The light, the noise, and we were able to remember - but not just the sad parts.

Then the sun laid right in the crook in the mountains.  And we were able to see, with fresh eyes.

Hope folks have a great week.

Seeing, With Fresh Eyes - West Virginia