Peaceful Night on the Gandy Fork - West Virginia / by sam taylor

Good Tuesday Morning!

We, like a lot of folks took advantage of the great weather over the weekend to get out to the woods, get off the grid (no cell service!) and do something that sent us home tired by Sunday night. 

This was the peaceful start to a weekend that I will have a lot to say about over the next stretch of days.  We have had a number of big things come through over the last few weeks - nothing less than some life-changing decisions are on deck for us over the next stretch of months, and the chance to sneak off the woods, cut out the distractions, and be a couple making plans for the future was a must for us. 

We do a pretty good job of staying "centered", and not letting the world "waller" us too bad - and we do our darndest to make things that keep us there a priority.  Carmen and I both thrive on "nature therapy", and getting the wind in our hair and some moving ground under our feet.  We use that time to find our own thoughts, and to talk about them with each other - and that was all this evening was about.  A fire, some drinks in the cooler, and listening to the river with the stars wheeling overhead, talking about...  everything. 

More from this mini-expedition, and a few slivers of "everything" to come, hope folks have a great week. 

Peaceful Night on the Gandy Fork - West Virginia