Summer Romance - West Virginia / by sam taylor

Summer Romance - West Virginia

Good Tuesday Morning!

Winter is hanging on, and is starting to test my patience.  Over the weekend we were visiting southern West Virginia, and the world didn't look like April, it looked like January.  While it did provide some interesting subject matter - spring flowers with snow, greenery in the white background - it was definitely a gloomy and moody stretch of days, with steady fog, overcast, and snow.  We decided to stop by one of the more frequently photographed spots in West Virginia - Sandstone Falls - and were entertained to have the place all to ourselves.

Wandering around the falls, sneaking around the high water and watching the snow starting to accumulate in the woods, I came across this.  

I wonder if whoever was reading this question was impressed.  Or embarrassed.  Or surprised. 
I wonder if who was doing the asking thought this would seal the deal.

But most of all, I wonder if that relationship lasted as long as this carving did.

I kinda hope so. 

Talk to y'all Friday. 

Summer Romance - West Virginia