Light Snow on Sugar Creek Mountain - West Virginia / by sam taylor

Light Snow on Sugar Creek Mountain - West Virginia

Good Friday Morning!

Boy, am I ready for the end-of-year. I’m tired and stretched enough that I don’t know if I’m looking forward to any of the holiday stuff, or just simply being able to be “off” for a few days. 2018 was a big year of transition around these parts, and 2019 is looking like it is going to be more (maybe a lot more) of the same.

It was maybe one of our “worst” years ever, in terms of getting out to the woods and wilds, as so many things competed for the time. Many of them were good. Some of them were essential. But it still leaves me with a little bit of a sense of regret that I didn’t “do everything” the way I wanted to this year. All of that said, I do think we “did the best we could”.

This is an example of “the best we could”. We got brave, and after a nice Sunday lunch with my folks, Carmen and I decided we’d try to get into the mountains - never a guarantee this time of year - and find a little bit of green to break up the grey of the season. We had a lovely couple hour hike - not as much, or as adventurous as we normally like - but we were glad to squeeze it in, a welcome bit of nature therapy in what has been a pretty crazy fall.

Hope folks have a great weekend.

Light Snow on Sugar Creek Mountain - West Virginia