Frost on the Hood - West Virginia / by sam taylor

Frost on the Hood - West Virginia

Good Morning!

We’ve talked about it before, but it’s a topic that doesn’t get old to me - the promise of the day.

I was talking with a friend over the weekend about how time seems to speed up the older you get. His take on it was that it’s because we lose the novelty of the world as we get older. Our brains get used to whats around us, and fills in the spaces. Most of the time we run in routines, same trip to work, same place for lunch, same things when we get home.

If he’s right, the way that we get the most out of our time - and feel like we get the most out of our time - is by doing things that break up those routines, or seeking out new experiences. This is counter to a lot of folks - they want to get to comfortable, as fast as possible.

I have to say, after a few days to think on it, I think he’s right. Trying new things, learning new things, seeing new things, all of those are what fill-out a life - and maybe help to make it feel like it isn’t just rushing past us. I’m not sure, but that feels like a “New Years Resolution” in the making, if ever I heard one.

Today’s image from a super cold, super early morning, where we made a memory before breakfast, and then had a full day to boot. (oh yeah, the title - you can actually see frost on the lens hood in this image. It was COLD :) )

Frost on the Hood - West Virginia