Water, Rocks, Leaves - Maryland / by sam taylor

Water Rocks Leaves - Maryland

Happy Election Day Tuesday!

This season was a bit of a slow burn - it held on green a lot later than I expected, then when it happened, it happened everywhere, all at once. It also has been a somewhat wet fall, and while that usually doesn’t suit us very well, it has meant spectacular conditions for this type of shot - water, rocks, and leaves.

Our falls are usually the “dry season” in West Virginia, so folks tend to congregate and shoot the same places, over and over. Carmen and I made it a stated mission to not go (or shoot) to the Glade Creek Mill (Babcock) or Dolly Sods this year, but instead, see if we could fill the portfolio with off-the-track beauty that is every bit as good - and a lot less crowded.

Today’s image from the site of the long-extinct town of Schell, WV and Maryland. From what we can tell, Schell was a town on both sides of the Potomac River, established in the late 1880s. Today, the road (and some bridge remnants) still exist, and you can see where the earth has been moved for… something, but that’s it. And on this day, we had this beautiful place - accessible by car, and roughly an hour from Morgantown, all to ourselves.

That beats the crowds any day, in my book.

Water, Rocks, Leaves - Maryland