One Glorious Day - West Virginia / by sam taylor

One Glorious Day - West Virginia

Good Friday Morning!

We’re nearing the end of the fall-glory part of our year. It’s already snowed here in Morgantown, and the ramp-up to the holidays is in full swing.

Today’s image from one of those ephemerally short “perfect” fall days - the kind that you better be off your couch and searching for, or they will pass you by - gone until the next year.

We had started the weekend working our way south, and already the leaves were gone in the overlooks and high places, but we know this place - and we know that in the sheltered valleys and warmer places, the color might still be with us. As we made our way down along this creek, we realized that we had made a good call - and gotten lucky at the same time.

It was beautiful. Dreamlike. The yellow leaves were falling and blowing like snow, or flower petals, on a warm breeze above the rushing water. Every time the wind would pick up, they would fall and swirl, and the “smell of fall” was strong in the air. Carmen and I stood there, talking about our year and how it was perfect to be in the moment, in that place, just soaking it it - knowing there was literally nowhere in this world that could be better than what we were seeing and experiencing in that moment. That we had this one, glorious day - perfect - to last us until next year.

Hope folks are enjoying the holiday weekend (and don’t forget to support the locals tomorrow on Small Business Saturday!).

One Glorious Day - West Virginia