The Back Way - West Virginia / by sam taylor

The Back Way - West Virginia

Good Tuesday Morning!

A lot of thoughts on my mind today, as I can see the upcoming year being one of seismic change for me - and that’s if things go according to plan. I have thoughts on art and the work we do here, and what “authenticity” means in the era of “fake news” and “alternative facts” and digital manipulation. I have thoughts on culture, education, and how these things must be addressed if we want this little part of the world to be the best it can be.

Maybe we’ll get into all of these over the winter months, where we have to make up for the fact that the world is grey and dark with a bit more thought-provoking content.

Today, I just want to remind folks that sometimes - often, matter of fact - simpler is better. Today’s image is not about how to make your dog an “instagram influencer” or about the perils of AI. Today’s image is about taking the back way. The slow road. About seeing the beauty that lives everywhere around us, whether or not folks are “liking and commenting”, or charging admission, or trying to put a posted sign up and a fence around it to keep everyone else out.

Hope folks have a great week.

The Back Way - West Virginia