Antique Apples - West Virginia / by sam taylor

Antique Apples - West Virginia

Good Early October -

The leaves are still awfully green out there, but it does seem that fall is upon us. We traveled over the high-country this weekend, and not a lot of leaf-changing, but all the other signs - including the fall fruit and harvest - are on full display right now.

I decided to highlight this apple tree today as it has been a long time resident of the homestead, and I have no idea what it’s history is. The tree is old - very old, for apple trees - as my dad remembers this tree when he was a boy. More interesting to me, the fruit is darn near inedible off the tree - extremely hard and tart - and it’s a tough old lady, holding fruit through the winter on the limbs. I wonder if they could be used for (or originally were) hard cider apples, based on their taste, and if anyone out there has any ideas I’d be excited to hear them.

I am thinking about picking a couple of apples and trying to get some new starts. Would be a shame to let something as old and tough as this pass without trying.

Hope folks have a great week.

Antique Apples - West Virginia