Taking Breath - West Virginia / by sam taylor

Taking Breath - West Virginia

Good Friday Morning - 

I've been trying to be a bit conscious about any "political leaning" posts lately.  The tone and tenor of just about every discussion of late has been tense - friends and family going at each other, not over political differences anymore, but about the core of whether the people we are surrounded by are "good". Do they truly care about their fellow men and women? Do they have empathy for folks around them, for folks that may have a different but equally hard life? Or are they “screw you, I’m fine” - or even worse “screw you, you don’t have it so bad”. It’s tough - having these fundamental questions about the character, the morals, of people we know, people we feel close to.

In a sense, that is part of why we have felt more motivated than normal to disappear to the mountains, keeping our own company, because trust is low.  

What does this have to do with today's photo?  We talk about West Virginia having "breathtaking scenery", and so far this fall, it has been no exception.  The combination of changing leaves and storms has made this fall one of the most serene and beautiful seasons I've seen in a while - which has given us a chance to escape the noise, and the rancor, and the worry about being "let down" by people.  We get a chance to take a breath, be with each other, and know that we are pulling this load together.

Hope y'all have a lovely weekend.

Taking Breath - West Virginia