Could You Do It? (I could) - West Virginia / by sam taylor

Could You Do It?  (I could) - West Virginia

Good Monday Morning!

Glad to be back in the US, and back in the good old mountains of West Virginia in the fall.  

I keep seeing a photo/meme in my social media, and while the details and the image are always a little different, the message is always theis same:

"You have to stay in this cabin for a month, with no internet, cell phone or tv. On the last day you walk out with $100,000."

This seems like one of the silliest things I've ever seen, especially after the last week I've had.  In the last week I traveled to some of the most populated and dense parts of the world, Beijing and Taiyuan China.  As a country boy, I don't know that I will ever get used to places like Beijing.  20 million people in an area slightly bigger than Pocahontas County.  Having massive jet lag, and walking the city at 3am, and there still being a LOT of people up, and working, and shopping.  Whole lives where the city park may be the biggest open area they see.   

Because today, in a world that is getting increasingly hot, developed, and crowded, what I see is that not only would I - and many others - take that deal, I suspect that the ability to go to the cabin in the woods, and intentionally disconnect, and enjoy nature for its own sake, is going to be a luxury reserved for the well-to-do. 

To those of us fortunate enough to call West "By God" home, lets make sure we realize the value of these things.  

Today's Photo feels quaint after this conversation - this is a long abandoned farm, in one of the high valleys of Preston County.  I'm sure at the time, they would have liked a bit more connectivity.  ;)

Could You Do It?  (I Could) - West Virginia