Hello, my name is Sam Taylor.

My photography derives from my desire to find the beauty in the world and our experiences in it, whether lush or stark, in the awe inducing, the delicate, or the transient.  My work primarily serves to connect me to the world with which I have interacted – the places I have been, the people I have met and journeyed with, and their part in those stories.

I am from West Virginia, and growing up I spent my time in the woods chasing adventure – and a lifetime of exploring and experiencing has instilled a desire, which has led me all over the country, and all over the world, in search of the wonder and excitement that is felt when viewing or experiencing something transcendent for the first time.  The friends I have made, and the ability to capture a brief moment of our time together was one of the reasons I initially felt pulled toward photography.  The concept that one image can be the perfect metaphor for the energy and mood of a moment.  My subjects are the people, places, and things that I enjoy. 

I have developed a journal approach to what I photograph – the images document my experiences, and I enjoy telling those stories, and hope they may inspire someone to create their own.  I am drawn to dramatic places:  cliffs, waterfalls, the mountains and the desert, and enjoy using slow shutter speeds to capture motion and change.  I enjoy working at night and in wider formats and angles, as I am intrigued by the thought of capturing things that aren’t usually seen, and hope I translate this to the viewer.  I enjoy pushing the limits – both of myself and my equipment – to capture unique images in unique places.

These gathered photographs demonstrate these themes by illustrating the variety of images possible in simply capturing what the day presents, and the energy that comes from those interactions.  I hope my enthusiasm and effort to capture what I see shines through in this collection. 

Outside of photography, I enjoy rock climbing, traveling, and generally playing outside.